Confined Spaces Entry Services

In some cases our trained engineers will need to access an enclosed environment or confined space in order to perform repairs, installations, maintenance or identify problems. This work can be extremely dangerous due to limited space for movement and possible build up of toxic gasses in the localised area. Due to legal requirements set out by the Health And Safety Executive, our onsite experts are trained in working in these hostile environments in the safest way possible using the appropriate specialist equipment. This may include the use of;

Breathing apparatus
Gas detection devices
Intrinsically Safe (Ex) CCTV

Our trained engineers will be able to identify whether the work to be carried out on site is may need to be confined space compliant. Please contact us on the number below to book an engineer's visit today;

0208 226 4621

Commercial / Residential

Repairs, replacements and installations

We provide residential and commercial pump, drain and sewage solutions. Call us now on 0208 226 4621